14 Jan

World’s Smallest Travel Electric Razor

worlds-smallest-electric-razor-shaving-cigarette-lighter-rechargeable-battery-usbLooking for a small portable electric razor? You may like this one. It’s only $10 and can fit easily into your pockets as its the size of a lipstick. It’s sold on ebay, just search for the words “New Rechargeable Mini USB Travel Razor Shaver Windproof Cigarette Lighter”.
It features a single rotary blade and a USB rechargeable battery design. There is also a real windproof cigarette lighter built-in too. It’s very sleek and minimalist. Shaving with it will probably take a lot longer than with your normal manual razor or expensive electric one, but at least if your on the go you can get rid of your 5 o’clock shadow any second of the day.
The electric razor and lighter ships from Hong Kong so it’s probably made in China. If anyone purchases one of these, let us know how long it lasts before it breaks down or if it actually removes hair pretty well!

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