08 Jan

Women Are Shaving Their Faces To Stay Young

A new beauty trend has emerged recently for women to stay young. They are shaving their faces! It’s definitely not mainstream yet but more and more women are catching on.
If you have lots of facial hair, it is not recommended for these women to shave as their hair may appear thicker and fuller over time. However for women who don’t have facial hair, shave away!
Caroline Manzo, a former The Real Housewives of New Jersey television star, has been filmed gliding her razor onto her face in an episode. She says she doesn’t have much facial hair and has been doing it for the past decade. She doesn’t shave because of the hair but because she wants to exfoliate her skin. Manzo attests that her minimal wrinkles and beautiful complexion is a result of her using a razor so that new facial skin can be created after sloughing off the dead outermost layers. Women think men have younger looking skin in general because they wet shave frequently.
Some beauty experts call it “dermaplaning” where a woman goes into a dermatologist’s office and gets her face shaven. Screw that! Just do it yourself at home! Even let your husband do it to have fun!

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