31 Mar

What Exactly Are Skin Brightening Products?

You’ve heard many Asians use skin brighteners as a key product in their daily skincare arsenals. In fact half of Asian consumers consider their skin lightening benefits to be key to looking younger. But what exactly are skin brighteners / whiteners?
They are products that make the color of your skin look more healthy, even-colored, and unblemished. With an even looking tone complexion, your face will look brighter and lighter, thus sometimes dubbed skin whiteners. The key ingredients in these products work to keep skin smooth and firm through collagen production and through proper hydration.
Sunscreens must be part of any skin brightening regime. Just a small amount of UV radiation is needed to actually burn skin leading to skin cell death, mutation, and discoloration. Use sunscreen as a preventative way to ward off uneven skin tone and color.

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