07 Nov

Waterless Skin Care – Use Without Water!

“Get washed without water” is the slogan for Waterless Limited. They manufacture a range of personal care products that are designed to be used without water.
At the past Pharmacy Awards 2014, UK-based Waterless Ltd swept the Best Skincare and Toiletry Product award category for their Nilaqua range of soaps and shampoos. The use of Nilaqua products by hospitals and other health care homes help minimize stress to patients while bathing which in turn result in lower operating costs for these medical facilities.
The line is pretty simple to use. Just lather on the hair care or body care products directly to dry area and just towel off the foam leaving you clean, fresh and odor free. Waterless Ltd products are ideal in environmental settings where people need help bathing but for regular people who shower at home, I’d stick with a hot shower and normal shampoo conditioner and facial wash skincare.

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