23 Jan

Urine: The Secret Skincare Ingredient?

Urine is good for the skin! Apparently some people are using their own pee as a rejuvenating skincare treatment. They call it “urine therapy” — using your own yellow magic as a healing ingredient.
Urine is comprised of 95% water, 2.5 % urea, and a combination of salt, minerals, enzymes, and hormones. When applied topically, it can work wonders on skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne. How? Some beauty experts claim that your first morning’s flow is the best for skin as it has the highest concentrations of hormones. Urea is also a natural component of our outer skin as it functions in maintaining proper moisture balance to keep skin feeling soft and supple.
The use of pee isn’t novel by the way. It’s been used by ancient Romans for teeth whitening, by the French in urine public baths, and by Hindus as medicine.
If you are a food daredevil, you may even want to consider drinking your own urine too, called urophagia. Don’t think we will have the nerve to do this so if anyone does, please email us or comment on this blog post to let us know if your skin health is better off now. At least we know that sometimes the best skin care products are free!

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