19 Nov

The Sphynx Shaving Razor – For Women

This is for all you ladies out there. The Sphynx Razor — the latest innovation for shaving arms and legs. It’s an all-in-one shaving miracle designed for women to be able to shave outside their home shower. Bring it to the gym. Bring it to the office. The light-weight compact design houses 2 razors, a refillable water compartment, and a moisturizing shave lotion/soap.
How to use it? All you do is rotate the center Sphynx dial to switch between water, soap, and razor. Step 1: Spray water on shave area (there is a refillable water bottle built-in). Step 2: Rub the soap lubricant onto skin. Step 3: Shave the area and then rub any soap residue into skin as it works like a moisturizer.
Currently, the Sphynx Razor can be purchased on Kickstarter for $16 each with shipments arriving sometime in January 2015. The soap lubricant is not refillable as this is more of a travel razor that is disposable, however they are making a premium version with a refill option that will be available summer time. You can view the full video of it here:


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