05 Oct

The Future Of Shaving: Skarp Razor Lasers

The wet shaving tradition of manually shaving with razor blades may be coming to an end soon. Skarp Razor, a start-up making a storm on their Kickstarter campaign, is about to launch a new line of high tech razors mounted with high powered lasers used for hair removal. No more metal blades! Shave with lasers!
This concept is the first ever personal shaver powered by a laser. The manufacturer claims that the Skarp can provide scratchless irritation-free smooth shaves just like traditional shaving systems. The laser does not heat or melt the hair. It just works by cutting the hair and is powered by just one single rechargeable AAA battery eliminating the garbage leftovers of shaving — cans of empty shave cream, used razor cartridges, and disposable razors.
Check out the cool video of the Skarp:


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