11 Mar

The Breast Milk Facial

There are two things to order when you are in Chicago. One is deep-dish pizza. The other is the Breast Milk Facial! Mud Facial Bar founded by Shama Patel will be offering a breast milk facial treatment to their spa menu in the coming months.
The breast milk is obtained from milk banks in the Chicago area. Moms are screened first by the banks before becoming actual donors.
So why breast milk? What does it do to the skin? There is no scientific data on the health benefits of applying human breast milk to one’s skin however many moms have found that when applied it helps relieve skin redness. Lauric acid and antibodies found in breast milk can help treat acne and work as a burning, itching, and stinging ointment alternative.
The breast milk add-on to the white clay mud mask treatment is an extra $10 on top of the $40 facial at Mud Facial Bar.

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