10 Nov

The Beluga Single Edge Razor – Quality Shave Minus The Barber

If you are into wet shaving, you certainly want to know about the Beluga Razor. A product of the Beluga Shave Co. founded in 2013 by Zac Wertz, this pivoting single edge razor is supposed to be the best shaving tool ever made. It accepts any standard double edge replacement razor blade and features a no-slip handle made out of Micarta, a resin impregnated fibre compound, that offers a better grip when wet.
There are only 3 simple steps to follow when using the razor. Those are to open razor head, insert double edge blade, and then close razor head. The shave experience must be comparable to a double-edge razor and inexpensive like disposable razors because double edge blades cost as little as 10 cents each.
The Beluga razor is pre-order priced at $125 now and won’t be shipped out until November 2015. Throw away the Gillette Fusions and Schick Hydros and in with Beluga!

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