13 Oct

The Beard Boom Is Slashing Millions In Sales Of Shaving Products

Top A-list celebrities like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Christian Bale and sport figures such as James Harden and Brett Keisel have been photographed sporting full beards over the past year or two. Is this now today’s fashion trend for men? Well whatever manly pheromones are flying in the air, it sure has had a significant impact on the sales decline in millions worth of dollars of shaving products.
Emily Mayer from market research firm IRI has stated recently that men are slowly changing their spending habits to match their liking for facial hair. Consequently, facial grooming products in general have seen a hit in sales. The number being thrown around is a £72 million shortfall in sales of men’s skincare and shaving products like shaving creams and soaps, aftershave balms, and razors in the UK. Beard trimmers on the other hand have seen an increase in sales over the year. The heavy stubble to the thick lumberjack has come back so it makes sense for men to purchase these beard-scalping tools.
How long before the “clean-shaven” look will come back into the spotlight? Shaving and skincare manufacturers should not have to worry much as we still feel the preferred look of successful businessmen and models is the baby-boy clean cut look and the sales of shaving products will ultimately turn around.


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