16 Aug

The Newest Trend In Korean Skincare – Ampoules

These days beauty experts who are looking for the next trends in skincare go over to South Korea to see what is the next big thing. Women are starting to use “Ampoules” — airtight small glass containers filled with highly concentrated active skin care ingredients such as botanical extracts, enzymes, and vitamins. Call them anti-aging boosted-up serums.

ampoule-skin-careAmpoules are individually designed to address every skin type and deficiency. There is a specific treatment for your skin in other words. How are they supposed to be used in your skin care route? Ampoules should be applied from the dropper to your skin right after facial cleansing but before toning.

Here are three top ampoule products making a hit in the East:

A.H.C. Capture Collagen
MIZON Deep Sea Marine Collagen
Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activatior Read More