14 Dec

Study About Skincare Products Show 16% Cause Cancer!

The skincare industry has focused their attention on discovering special chemical compounds that help improve sagging complexions and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. But does a consumer of these anti-aging products understand the long term usage effects of them? Answer is no.
A team of researchers over at the Department of Pharmacy at the National University of Singapore has conducted a study with a focus on commonly used skincare ingredients used in today’s products. Their goal was to help understand the long term side effects of these ingredients. What is shocking are the results they found!
The research team studied the product labels of 257 skincare products found in your everyday Singapore retail pharmacy such as face moisturizers and anti-aging creams. From there they picked out some commonly used ingredients such as alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) like glycolic acid, a great skin exfoliant often used in chemical peel treatments, and isopropylparaben, a preservative used widespread in mass skincare products. Out of the 520 ingredients they picked out from these 257 products, they found 87 of them or around 16% to be potentially carcinogenic based off of previous research and literature written about them.
What the team of researchers now plan to do is to conduct tests of these ingredients now on humans as most of the literature and research gathered about these potentially carcinogenic ingredients were done on animals. Humans have different reactions to them as compared to animals. Some ingredients were found to have caused cancer in animals in as little as just 5 days from exposure!
So should these preliminary findings scare all consumers of skin care products? We think yes and no. The team over in Singapore needs to raise a couple hundred thousand dollars first in order to actually start conducting human skin sample testing. Whatever the results will be, they sure will be interesting to read about. We will keep you informed when more information is available as time comes.

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