30 Oct

Staying Active In Colder Temperatures Keeps Skin Glowing

Fall / Winter is here and the colder weather has rolled into town. Colder weather sometimes equates to people becoming more lazy and skipping out on their outdoor fitness exercise. Cooler weather is no excuse to work out according to fitness trainers. Here are some tips for anyone wanting to stay active during the colder months:
Keep on working out before the snow hits the ground. And if you live in sunny California that means before the frost shows up on your lawns. It can be a challenge to start a fitness routine in freezing weather especially if you have not started before.
Work out with friends. Fitness won’t seem like a boring chore if its a social thing.
Remember also the benefits of staying active. Exercise not only helps with weight loss, better health, and stress reduction, it also increases blood flow and helps flush cellular debris out of your system giving your skin an awesome glow.

Colder weather also dries your skin. So be sure to use moisturizing skin care products especially on your face and hands and other body parts that are exposed to the cold. You can read more about skincare tips for the Winter here.
Stay active with exercise and hydrate your skin with the proper skin care products for a Fall & Winter glow.

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