13 Nov

Skincare In The Freezer – Mila Moursi Cryo Serum Ice Cube Infusions

A “cool” skin care product has been released by Mila Moursi, Beverly Hills’ hidden secret and expert in the ultimate skin care. It’s called the Cryo Serum Ice Cube Infusion.
As the name suggests, the product is skincare in an ice cube. The formula’s active blend of amino acids and minerals are immersed in a water concoction and packaged in individual ice cube trays which are then stored in a freezer upon purchasing. For application, take out the ice cube from the tray and insert it into the gauze sachet thats provided. Gently apply all over face, neck, and décolleté in a circular motion until the ice cube has completely melted. The Ice Cube Infusion’s brightening serum helps repair, regenerate, and repair skin via the effects of cryotherapy’s ice cold treatment application. The cubes also smell like heaven so they provide aromatherapy at the same time.
Each ice cube dose is 0.17 fl oz and sold in packs of 8 for $155 (almost $20 a pop). Recommended use is once a week. Other beauty treatment ice cube products available on the market are Parisian brand Anne Semonin Eye Express Radiance and Express Radiance ice cubes.

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