05 Nov

Skincare Acids – Are They Safe?

Almost every skincare product out there uses some type of acid in their formulas. Some popular ones are alpha-hydroxyl and glycolic acid. Dermatologists and skincare manufacturers love these ingredients because they provide instant gratifying results such as skin resurfacing, cleaner pores, and a nicer complexion glow. Most detoxifying face masks and facial cleansers have acids in them. One way to check is to see if you experience any stinging sensations during use.
Acids are great for the skin, but using too much is actually detrimental to your complexion. Acids work by peeling off layers of your epidermis to reveal newer skin. And newer skin means a fresher glow that everyone desires. However if your body can’t produce new cells fast enough to keep up with the constant exfoliation caused by acids, your skin will get thinner and age faster. There is a big risk when your skin’s layers are being peeled away faster than the rate of collagen growth.
So should you stop using skincare products that have acids in them? No, but just don’t include them in your daily skincare routine. Once a week is good enough. Stay safe and don’t over peel!

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