12 Nov

SHISEIDO Develops WetForce Sunscreen Technology

Shiseido, a world-wide leader in skincare innovation, just announced that they have successfully developed the ‘WetForce’ water-boosted sun care technology, a technology that makes the sunscreen film get stronger upon contact with water or perspiration. This is great news for the existence of a real “sweat-proof” sunscreen as there is no such thing out there currently on the market that really works when someone sweats.
The WetForce technology works by having the minerals in water or sweat to bond improving the water repellency of the sunscreen. As a result, the sunscreen film on the skin becomes more uniform, smooth, and stronger with a higher sun protection effect. Researchers have calculated that the UV shield is around +20% more protective when exposed to water than without. Shiseido has stated that they will incorporate this cutting-edge technology into sunscreens as well as make it easily removable without the need to use any special cleansers.
For more information about this WetForce technology, you can visit the R&D section on the Shiseido website.

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