25 Mar

Fake Bake Launches Skin D-Luxe Skincare Line

UK-based tanning brand Fake Bake announced today the launch of its skincare line called Skin D-Luxe. The 5 product range is comprised of the Dream Skin Cleansing Melt, Lustre Lotion Radiance Reveal Tonic, No Needles Fine Line Eraser, Oil Or Nothing Clean Sweep, Prime Time Age Defying Moisturiser, and the Too Faces Cleansing Cloth. Read More

01 Mar

Approving New Sunscreen Actives Delayed Again

The Federal Drug Administration this week issued a statement about pending approvals for two new sunscreen filters (ecamsule and enzacamene), which are already approved in the European Union and already used in sunscreen formulas there. Their message was a big fat ‘NO’- we need more safety data. Read More

24 Feb

Retrouvé Skin Care – Worth The Hype?

Retrouvé Skin Care - prestige luxury skincare for men and women - unisex
Looking for a skincare line that only the top 0.1% can afford? The Retrouvé unisex range is a perfect example. The line was launched a little over a year ago by Kiehl’s heiress and lab scientist Jami Morse Heidegger. Her superluxe Retrouvé line is focused on using only the latest cutting-edge ingredients like Apple Stem cells, marine actives, and antioxidants to give each of the four Retrouvé products its ability to protect, nourish, and restore skin health. Read More

17 Feb

Rite Aid Launches Receutics Active Skin Repair Line

Select stores located in New Jersey and Seattle of drugstore chain Rite Aid and Receutics.com online have launched today the Receutics Active Skin Repair line. The skincare line was developed exclusively for Rite Aid focusing on offering affordable treatments for the most common skin conditions like acne and eczema. Read More