19 Jan

OKU Skincare Sensor And iPhone App

OKU is the world’s first iPhone skincare camera coach. And what does that mean? OKU is a device you hook up to your phone. This small cube-like camera scans your skin deep down and analyzes it in detail to give you real-time personalized skincare advice via the OKU App. The device incorporates technology from dermoscopy, nanotechnology, and spectroscopy.
The OKU App rates your skin with a SkinScore, the higher the number the better condition your skin is. The app also provides details on your skin’s moisture, texture, wrinkles, and pigmentation. You will be able to track your SkinScore over time, set goals, as well as read about recommended lifestyle and dietary options to help improve your score. Here is a video about it:

The OKU device will be available later this year. You can pre-order it for $299 here. They recommend that you use it once or even twice a day to get optimal information about your skin’s health.

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