19 Aug

O HUI Skincare Review – The First – 5 piece Gift Set

When it comes to effective luxury skincare solutions, the South Koreans do it best. One Korean brand that exemplifies high performance excellence is O HUI (owned by LG Household & Health). O HUI is currently sold in high-end department stores in Seoul such as Lotte and Hyundai. In the USA, you can find select products for sale by international sellers on Amazon.com.

The current face of O HUI is drop dead gorgeous Korean drama actress Kim Tae Hee. Her skin is white, milky, and flawless — what your complexion will look like if you use O HUI skin care products. They are known for their focus on anti-aging beauty.

We just got our hands on the O HUI 5-piece The First Gift Set. It comes in very luxe packaging. The $175 five piece gift set comprises of:


Cell Revolution Skin Softener – nourishing toner to help maintain skin balance

Cell Source – source of skin nutrition containing 90.3% of Cell Source, a nutrient-rich cell culture medium substance

Cell Revolution Ampoule – total anti-aging ampoule formulated with recombinant stem cell culture fluid, apply after toner

Cell Revolution Emulsion – highly concentrated emulsion, apply after essence, contains rHSCP (recombinant Human Stell Cell Protein)

Geniture – premium anti-aging cream that contains an undiluted culture fluid of stem cell

We have used the products for a month straight and our review of the O HUI – The First line is stunning. We rate the line 9 out of 10 stars (with 10 being the best) as our skin definitely was the softest it ever was, blemish-free, and super supple. The only drawback we have is that the directions and product pamphlets are all in Korean and the prestige pricing isn’t for everyone and only for pampering. The 5 piece set itself runs for around $175 at the Korean duty-free shops, but if the products are all purchased separately expect to pay double that. You always get what you pay for! The South Korean beauty routine is usually comprised of a minimum of 10 different skin care products but it is all worth it at the end. No wonder Korean celebrities like Kim Tae Hee have perfect skin.

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