11 Dec

Nestle To Open 10 Skin Care Research Centers

Swiss-based Nestlé, primarily known for its mouth watering chocolate candy bars and is the world’s largest food company, has announced plans that it will invest deeply into its growing healthcare products business. Nestlé has acknowledged that their skincare and healthcare arm will no doubt be more profitable and faster growing than their stable packaged foods and drinks businesses.
Earlier this year, Nestlé expressed interest in the skincare business by paying $5.7 billion for rights to sell some Valeant Pharmaceuticals Inc. products in North America (these products are corrective facial aesthetic treatments such as Restylane, Perlane, and Emervel) and for L’Oreal’s share of their Galerma joint venture, a dermatology company focusing on products that help revive skin, it didn’t own. And now with today’s announcement of Nestlé investing in 10 different skin care research centers world-wide, expect them to become a powerhouse in the skin care market. Nestlé declined to comment on how much they are putting down for these research centers.
Long term, Nestlé’s goal is to offer a powerful gamut of skin health solutions such as sunscreens, aesthetic lines, and wrinkle treatments.

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