06 Jan

La Prairie Launches Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream & Emulsion

Prestige women’s skincare powerhouse La Prairie is extending its already powerful anti-aging Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal line with two new products: Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion.
The Eye Cream ($212 for 20ml) uses a Tissue Guidance Matrix which is supposed to help promote skin firmness and smooth wrinkles, and a White Bird of Paradise plant extract that works to restore skin luminosity and fight under eye dark circles.
The Emulsion ($286 for 50ml) uses an extract of Coffea Bengalensis stem cells, vitamin C and E, a ginseng root extract, horsetail extract, and glycoproteins as its key ingredients for anti-oxidant protection.
Both eye cream and emulsion products feature the patent-pending La Prairie Swiss Ice Crystal Complex, an extract of two fragile plants and one small algae found to live in the high altitudes of the Swiss Alps. This complex helps keep skin more resilient to environmental stresses like pollution and to human stresses like lack of sleep and anxiety.
For more information about the La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal collection, please visit their website.

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