09 Dec

Josephine Skriver Skin Care Secrets Revealed

Since the eagerly awaited 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Runway Show is airing tonight on CBS, let’s talk about stunning Victoria’s Secret model Josephine Skriver’s skincare secrets.
Josephine recently did an interview and she revealed the one beauty secret that has helped her skin look flawless: she drinks hot water first thing in the morning and in the evening. She compares it to plumbing. If you pour cold water down a drain it does not clear it up. However if you pour hot water down the drain, it clears most of the junk adhering to the insides of the pipes like oil and grease. She learned of this tip from a Chinese makeup artist and tried it out for a few weeks before discovering that her skin really became clearer and more glowing!
We all have to try this out. I’m for sure drinking some hot water tonight before I hit the sack!

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