08 Nov

How To Shave The Perfect Goatee – The GoateeSaver

For guys who prefer the goatee look, shaving the outline of the goatee itself requires precision. If done carelessly, your goatee will look crooked and out of proportion. Basically you will look unattractive and sloppy and it would probably look better if you just shave it all off.
We stumbled upon this invention. It is called The GoateeSaver. Its the ultimate shaving template designed for guy’s with goatees. It’s fully adjustable to one’s goatee width and shape and offers the cleanest shave below your lower lip. To use, all you do is put the GoateeSaver into your mouth and bite down. Then you shave around the apparatus. It looks a little funny in your mouth but it gets the job done right and saves you time.
Priced at $19.99, it’s a cool device to help whip up your chin hairstyle into the perfect shape with the easiest effort!

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