15 Oct

ForeverGreen Worldwide Corp. Launches New Skin Care Product — BeautyStrips™

ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation, a manufacturer or health-centered products, announced today the launch of its BeautyStrips skincare system. The BeautyStrips system is comprised of 2 elements, a Mask and a Serum.
The Mask is composed of a naturally sourced seaweed that undergoes a 1300 hour treatment process. Their press release and corporate website do not state what goes into these 1300 hours so your guess is as good as ours. Seaweed is packed with high concentrations of minerals and nutrients making it an excellent ingredient for use in skin care products. The seaweed mask is also combined with a proprietary blend of 31 ingredients to help hydrate, smooth, and liven skin. The Mask claims to also reduce pore size. This is a great example of how skin care brands are banking in the ever rapidly growing facial mask sector as we discussed here.
The Serum is recommended to be used in conjunction with the Mask. The serum’s special skincare ingredient is called Telagenex-5 — a form of cycloastrogenol, a molecule that has controversial claims for its role in reducing the effects of aging.
The anti-aging BeautyStrips system will be available world-wide in the 190 countries where ForeverGreen products are sold. Each BeautyStrips package is comprised of 1 Mask and 14 serum packettes and is intended for use in both men and women. Retail price is $79.95 but they offer bulk purchase discount packages.

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