02 Jun

Drunk Elephant Skin Care Line

We recently came across a special unique skincare line for women called Drunk Elephant. Founded by Tiffany Masterson, her vision was to create a line that was safe, minimal, effective, and non-toxic. The line is devoid of any skin irritants like essential oils and synthetic fragrances and infused with the highest possible concentration of “good” ingredients beneficial for skin health.
Each of the Drunk Elephant products feature the Virgin Marula oil, a natural oil high in concentrations of fatty acids and antioxidants (+16% more than those found in argan and jojoba oil). The oil is derived from the South African Marula tree and contains 4 times as much vitamin C as an orange all of which help fight free radicals.
The Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil is the heart of the 7 product Drunk Elephant line. Priced at $72 for 1 oz, it’s formulated to provide anti-aging benefits and improve skin elasticity. Residue free, the oil is for all skin types.
To learn more about the line, please visit www.drunkelephant.com.

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