03 Feb

Diamonds Are Skin’s Best Friend?

Everyone, well almost everyone, loves diamonds. Diamonds are girl’s best friend right? Some beauty manufacturers are now saying diamonds are a skin’s best friend too! Check out the 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond skin care collection.
They have a product called the Celestial Black Diamond Cream priced at £599.00 ($900) for 50ml / 1.7oz. The secret ingredient is rare black diamond particles. The brand claims that these particles act as a delivery system where they can penetrate deeper into the skin to transport 3 essential anti-aging ingredients: their NAC Y2 formula (stimulates regeneration of skin cells), Collagen type 1 and III (responsible for skin’s firmness), and Hyaluronic acid (highly effective skin moisturizer).
Is the black diamond cream all fluff and just a marketing gimmick? For the price tag, you better look 20 years younger! If anyone has tried this out or if 111Skin would like to send us samples, please let us know.

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