21 Oct

Complete Tattoo Skincare Guide – How To Care For Inked Skin

Tattoos are forms of individual art expression. They can complement your style if inked correctly or they can be a nightmare if done hastily and carelessly. Thinking of getting a tattoo in the near future or already have one? Here is an Ultimate Tattoo Skincare Guide that you will want to read.
Key points from the guide:
1) The week before your tattoo appointment, stay hydrated – both orally as well as topically. Well-hydrated skin heals faster from the skin trauma caused by getting inked. Apply moisturizing lotions over targeted skin.
2) After you get home from your tattoo session, cleanse the inked area after two or three days using mild soap. Apply a topical antibacterial healing ointment or balm to affected area multiple times a day.
3) UV sunrays can fade tattoo ink so be sure to always apply broad spectrum sunscreen that also hydrates and heals damaged skin. We recommend the TwinLuxe Anti-Aging SPF 40 Moisturizer. Many review sites have ranked this product as their #1 skin care product as it is infused with stem cell technology with SPF 40 protection.
As like with any other medical procedure, pay close attention to any possible infections or allergic reactions that can arise from either the tattoo ink / instrument. Following this tattoo skincare guide will enable you to show off your inked artistry for years to come!

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