05 Oct

The Future Of Shaving: Skarp Razor Lasers

The wet shaving tradition of manually shaving with razor blades may be coming to an end soon. Skarp Razor, a start-up making a storm on their Kickstarter campaign, is about to launch a new line of high tech razors mounted with high powered lasers used for hair removal. No more metal blades! Shave with lasers! Read More

04 Feb

Men’s Grooming Brand Bee Bald® Launches Smooth Plus Sunscreen

Bee-Bald-Smooth-Plus-mens-daily-moisturizer-broad-spectrum-sunscreen-spf30Bee Bald® offers a full line of men’s skin care and shaving products marketed towards people with less hair up top. The brand uses natural ingredients in their formulas and is making a run at competitor HeadBlade. Today Bee Bald announces the launch of their first SPF product — SMOOTH PLUS with SPF 30. It is a daily moisturizer which incorporates broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen protection.
SMOOTH PLUS with SPF 30 is a much needed product for people who are bald. Get that UV protection on top of your head! The product’s use of pollen, honey, ginger root, and licorice root will help heal and soothe skin. Read More

08 Jan

Women Are Shaving Their Faces To Stay Young

A new beauty trend has emerged recently for women to stay young. They are shaving their faces! It’s definitely not mainstream yet but more and more women are catching on.
If you have lots of facial hair, it is not recommended for these women to shave as their hair may appear thicker and fuller over time. However for women who don’t have facial hair, shave away! Read More