03 Nov

Ayla Skincare Launches New 37 Extreme Actives Neck & Decolletage Treatment

ayla-turkey-neck-chest-skincare-decolletage-treatment-37-extreme-actives copy
Known for their effect anti-aging skin care, Ayla is introducing 37 Extreme Actives Neck & Decolletage Treatment to their 37 Extreme Actives family. This product contains the same 37 active anti-aging ingredients found in their other products and also several more such as red algae and watermelon extracts.
So what does this product do? It’s the answer to reversing sun damage and sagging skin in the neck and chest areas. There aren’t too many products out there that target the neck and chest regions so discovering this new Ayla product is refreshing. No more turkey neck! The skin below the jawline is very thin and often enough neglected from any skin care routine. So the neck and chest are usually more prone to faster aging and wrinkling than compared to areas on the face. 37 Extreme Actives Neck & Decolletage Treatment is the replacement alternative to in-office dermatological procedures (ie. ones that use lasers and ultrasound energy to treat aging skin). The dermatologist behind the brand says that applying this product twice daily and year-round is more effective than in-office treatments.
Ayla 37 Extreme Actives Neck & Decolletage Treatment is priced at $225 for 2 oz / 60 ml. Expensive yes. But if it gets rid of or prevents turkey neck, who wouldn’t buy it?

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