01 Mar

Approving New Sunscreen Actives Delayed Again

The Federal Drug Administration this week issued a statement about pending approvals for two new sunscreen filters (ecamsule and enzacamene), which are already approved in the European Union and already used in sunscreen formulas there. Their message was a big fat ‘NO’- we need more safety data.
With a clear increased rate of melanoma, the public is demanding the latest sunscreen technologies to be available to them. The FDA’s action of requiring more safety and long term effects on the ecamsule and enzacemene sunscreen actives eliminate Americans not having access to innovative skin care products that have been used safely world-wide for years and even a decade. Six other sunscreen ingredients were also denied approval last month for the same reasons. No new sunscreen UV filters have been approved by the FDA for use since the 1990s.
Last November, Congress unanimously enacted the Sunscreen Innovation Act which would speed up the paperwork shuffling involved in getting new sunscreen ingredients on the road to approval. It looks like Congress will need to get on the FDA’s back more. Americans need the latest advancements in sunscreen technology to help fight the war on skin cancer.

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