18 Nov

American Laser Skincare Abruptly Closes Its Doors

If you ever had a laser hair removal procedure done, there is a good chance that you had it done at American Laser Skincare. With over 140 clinics scattered around the USA in 28 states, it was an odd day for American Laser Skincare employees last Friday. They were told the company has closed its doors and everyone was out of a job. Employees were told they had only two hours to gather their belongings before doors would be locked down.
American Laser Skincare had been in operation for the past 3 years. Before that it was known as American Laser Centers which filed for bankruptcy a couple years ago. The chain offered services like laser hair removal, body sculpting, and chemical peels. Packages of these services were sold to clients costing them to pay upfront as much as $6,000. Now clients are out of luck as the business has folded and there will be a slim chance of them ever getting any unused packages refunded.
Why did American Laser Skincare abruptly call it quits? John Harlow, CEO of ALS, said on a conference call to employees that a major investor had pulled out and the company could not get funding to operate.
Lessons learned: Do not buy skin care or laser packages from any clinic or spa without knowing that there might be a chance you will be screwed like ALS clients.

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