10 Dec

A Six-Blade Shaving Razor?

South Korean company Dorco is the world’s first to produce a six-blade razor. Their flagship product is called the Dorco Pace 6 featuring a lubricating strip that contains aloe, vitamin E, and lavender oil.
Dorco razors are sold at CVS, Walgreen, K-Mart, and Dollar General. We have never come across one but maybe that is because we are already comfortable with our 5-blade Gillette Fusion razor. A total of 20 billion units of Dorco razors have been sold worldwide in 2014 which the company estimates that if each razor was lined up tip to tip, it would circle the Earth four times!
Here is a clever commericial Dorco has just released to commemorate its high global sales record:

Will Gillette come out with a 6-blade razor in 2015 since we’re pretty sure they know about Dorco’s success in that arena?

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